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Mandatory Entry-Level Training – Class 1 licence

New mandatory training requirements for drivers who want to obtain their Class 1 driver’s licence.

You must complete an approved Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) course before you can book your road test to obtain a Class 1 licence to drive a semi-trailer truck (other existing requirements also apply).

The Province of Manitoba has introduced this mandatory minimum training requirement, which aligns with other Canadian jurisdictions that are in the process of implementing mandatory training programs. Previously, training was recommended but not required prior to obtaining a Class 1 licence.

The MELT course consists of 121.5 hours of standardized training that covers the essential knowledge and skills to safely operate a semi-trailer truck. This mandatory training will help ensure the safety of all road users.

Drivers only need to successfully complete mandatory training once – there is no need to take the training again.

Existing Class 1 drivers

Drivers with an existing valid Manitoba Class 1 licence issued before September 1, 2019, do not need to retest and are not required to take MELT.

Course requirements

MELT consists of a minimum 121.5 hours of training. Instruction consists of 40.5 hours in class, 40 hours in yard and 41 hours in cab.