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I want to get my air brake endorsement with class 5 or 4. Do you provide the training for this and a vehicle for the test?

We provide training for class 1 and 3 and air brake as well. For the air brake endorsement test we will Train you about air brake system of vehicle and then drive our vehicle to the testing center where you will complete your air brake. Once you have completed Training and passed you will get an air brake endorsement on your licence. But for class 5 and 4 you can contact to any car driving school.

I already have my air brake endorsement for my class 3 or 4 or 5 licence type. Do I need to redo it for my class 1?

I will say yes. If you have already completed and air brake test at a service center for class 3/4/5 it is likely that you will need to complete the air brake test again. The reason behind that is there are 2 types of air brake endorsements – 1 for a single unit vehicle and 1 for a combination unit vehicle. When you are completing the air brake test for class 1 you will be completing the test on both the truck and the trailer unit making it a combination vehicle. We are unable to determine at the school which type of air brake endorsement you have, if you have any question you can visit your nearest MPI service center.

Do you offer any type of financing for driving courses?

Sorry, we do not provide any in-house financing for training loans. All training fee needs to be paid in advance or in 2 instalments. We accept cash, e transfer, cheques, & bank drafts.

How I can join for a course or other training?

To join in for one of our courses you can call us at 204 998 5407, 431 998 5407. There are few requirements before joining the course like correct beginner’s licence, paperwork and payment.

I already have my beginner’s licence, when does the next course start and I can join?

Since our courses are offered on a one-on-one basis we can start a new course at any time but sometimes it depends on the availability. We are very flexible in hours so We schedule our students based on their availability and the availability of the instructors. Sometime it depends on how many students needs to be schedule in next week. Then could be a wait time of few days to start your training. Most of the time student can start training within 1 week of Joining.

When I can start Training at National Truck Training School?

Before you can start training you need to get your beginner’s licence, which is also known as authorized instruction. This process you can start with MPI Manitoba Public Insurance service center. You can study and prepare yourself through PDF manuals online and complete practice quizzes online for free and these are very helpful. After completing your Class 5 License full stage then Start with Class commercial Driver’s Handbook, Professional Driver’s Manual and the Air Brake Manual if you want your class 1 or 3 licence. If you want to get your air brake endorsement then you only need to study the Air Brake Manual. You will need to pay for is the fee for the written test of $10. Another part of the process completed through MPI is that you will need to complete and eye exam as well as get a medical form to complete at any doctor clinic.Once you have the beginner’s licence you can start your training!